Younis Cardiology Associates

Patient Information

• For new patients in particualr, please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to allow time for paperwork and parking

• Bring any relevant medical records.  If you have had a recent heart catheterization that you would like us to review, please try to acquire a CD of the study so that we can review the original data.

• Bring all your medications, or an accurate list, to each appointment

• We will also need accurate and up-to-date information about your insurance coverage.

• Kindly inform us 24 hours in advance of any appointment changes or cancellations.

Office Forms

New Patient Forms Online:  Click here to fill out our new patient forms online! This form is secure, and HIPAA compliant.

New Patient Forms (PDF): Prefer to print and hand-write the forms? Fill these out at home and bring them in.

HIPAA Notice: Privacy infromation, for your reference

Release of Medical Information: Provide this form to other offices/hospitals to request your records to be sent to our office.

Nuclear Stress Test Instructions:  Instructions on what to do prior to your nuclear stress test.

Exercise Stress Test Instructions: Instructions on what to do prior to your exercise (non-nuclear) stress test.

Blood Pressure Log (PDF):  Print as many as you'd like and bring them in to your next office visit.  Or, Download the Microsoft Word docx file and fill it out on your computer.  These logs may be faxed to 713-799-2168 or emailed to

Click here for an informative instructional video on how to check your blood pressure.

Pre-Cath Information: Information about iodine allergy, blood thinners, and metformin-containing medications prior to your angiogram

Procedures at St. Luke's:  For invasive or other procedures at St Luke's, download this file for directions and more information