Younis Cardiology Associates

Where and When

• We see patients daily in our Houston / Medical Center Office.

        Office Hours are 7:30 AM-5:00 PM

     •  6624 Fannin, Suite 2420, Houston TX 77030

     • Call (713) 790-0400 for appointments

      Fax  (713) 799 - 2121

Electronic Communications

• Electronic contact is appropriate for routine questions, but if you are having symptoms or acute concerns please call us instead.

• Existing patients may securely communicate with our staff or check lab results using our patient portal.  Contact us to establish login credentials.

Secure, Encrypted, HIPAA-Compliant Email: Protecting your personal health information is important to us.  Regular email does not offer sufficient security to safeguard electronic submission of your personal health information. To send us emails regarding your personal health issues, please take the time to send them securely by following the directions below.  This will ensure they information is encrypted in transit to our inboxes.

    To send us a secure email:

      • Visit  Email composed from this website will be encrypted and secure.

               •  Email regarding appointments, blood pressure records, medication refills, medical records: send to

               •  Routine, non-urgent, non-symptom related questions for our nursing staff: send to: .

               **REMINDER: for any issues or concerns regarding new symptoms that you may have including but not limited to chest pain or shortness of breath, please call instead.**

     • Once again, it is preferable to use the instructions above for secure, encrypted email rather than using regular email for these types of communications, which may contain protected health information.  

     When you receive a secure email from us:

     The email will be encrypted.  You will be asked to click on a link to a secure site where you wiil create a password, which you should keep for future reference as it will be associated with your email, and there you can securely open any personal communications from our office.